Class A+ warehouse Find out what characterizes a top-class facility

Magazyn klasy A+ Sprawdź czym charakteryzuje się obiekt najwyższej klasy

Alfa Warehouses puts a modern warehouse with full logistics services at clients’ disposal.

Our facility is 9 docks and 5000 sqm of storage space in a prime location in close proximity to the port and container terminals, with quick access to the Tri-City Ring Road. Modernly equipped, the facility meets the requirements of A+ class warehouses located in central Europe.

Magazyn A+
Magazyn 9 doków

What does the A+ grade that our facility boasts mean?

 Class A+ means that the warehouse is at the highest possible standard, in terms of location, space, as well as the solutions used inside. It must be characterized by:

  • Easy access (located at most 10 km distance from the expressway or highway),
  • Adequate lighting (light intensity of at least 150 lux),
  • Adequate fire protection (sprinklers and smoke detectors),
  • Truck parking and maneuvering areas,
  • Monitoring system,
  • Minimum height of 10 meters,
  • Minimum depth of 75 meters,
  • Lack of residential buildings near the warehouse,
  • Energy-efficient solutions
  • 24/7 security
  • Internet connections to support WMS systems.